Do you think it’s “right” that any Veteran who served our country should be homeless? Without a purpose or meaning in their life?

And yet we have hundreds of thousands of Veterans sleeping on the street or in shelters because while no one was watching, they simply fell through the cracks when they came home. Most have lost hope. Many suffer with PTSD, suicidal thoughts or have turned to alcohol or drugs to soothe the pain. Some were turned away by their families. Most felt their life had no meaning once out of Service.

Whatever the case, we believe Veterans deserve to live with purpose in a supportive community. And no Veteran should go without a roof over their head. Ever.


We have begun to buy shuttered up hotels and buildings in the interior of United States. We are refurbishing these to house Veterans and their families. We create a home for veterans above with space for computer servers below.  The server space will allow us to provide a cloud computing space provided by disabled veterans.  These veterans will in Information Technology related to cloud computing, server hardware configuration, web design and other important, meaningful work areas.

Our Kansas property is 60% complete!

We’re not just buying up buildings, we also want to buy entire abandoned towns in the western US. We will create supportive communities where Veterans can thrive and know their lives matter. As these communities grow and become vital, our Veterans will understand their impact on US soil… at home. It’s a self-sustaining social impact model that has already been proven in other sectors to work.

We’ll post pictures of our progress soon. And if you’re ready to lend your hands, your monetary support, materials or wisdom, JOIN US!

Together we CAN and WILL accomplish this dream.




These are four tough, determined professionals who are giving their all to support our nation’s Veterans.


Christopher Snook, MBA, CEO of Veteranet and Board President,, is a disabled Veteran who served in the Air Force and Army National Guard. He was injured during his service having metal implants in his face to hold it together.  His implants have caused him infection and pain which have made his day to day life difficult. He goes to the VA hospital in Seattle and is well treated, but he see the homeless camps on his way, full of injured and sick Americans.  His heart weighs heavy as he knows just miles away tech companies get rich providing services while these men and women suffer.  He wonders why we can not enable these underprivileged, forgotten soldiers to do the same thing in apartment buildings just far enough out of metropolitan cities to allow them peace. This is part of what motivates Christopher to have Veteranet. He wants others Veterans to have a place to go for help and resources. Christopher persevered and became a well-known information technology and cloud architect for companies such as HP , IBM and Microsoft. Christopher believes in his fellow brothers and sisters in arms and will never stop until this vision is a reality. See his professional background on LinkedIn here.

David Ellis, is COO of Veteranet, and is a disabled 21-year retired Service member of the US ARMY. He chooses to volunteer to lead Veteranet to find and offer solutions to whatever need a Veteran might have who is struggling. In his professional life, David is a Provisioning Manager for IBM. See his LinkedIn profile here..



We Thank these companies for sponsoring us and or giving us software to use


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